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Sheraton Centre Toronto -

Day 3 – Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Day 1
18 Sep 2019

Overview of IIA Implementation Guides on Integrity, Objectivity, Confidentiality, and Competency, as related to The IIA’s Code of Ethics

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Level: TBD. Professional ethics is not always black and white. When dealing with shades of grey, how can an internal auditor know when a certain behavior conforms with The IIA’s Code of Ethics? The presenters will review how internal auditors can...
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Page, Scott
Balakrishnan, Ram

Optimizing Controls with Blockchain – A Pilot

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In this session Maxim Atanassov, IA Director at Husky Energy and Ron Loborec, Risk Consulting Partner at Ethier, will debrief the results of a pilot project which explores the role of a private block chain technology designed to achieve efficiencies...
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Loborec, Ron
Atanassov, Maxim

Auditing Change: How to Survive & Thrive!

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Level: Advanced. Having an effective role in change management is an opportunity for internal audit to move out of the back room and into the board room. Getting involved in the change and transformation agenda will enable internal audit to...
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Rubenstein, Martin

Elevating Internal Audit’s Stature with Data Analytics

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Level: Intermediate. During this session Joe and Stacie will share examples of their repeatable audit process which includes audit planning, fieldwork, and reporting document artifacts, and will show how data analytics tools have helped them answer important questions specific to a...
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Tronto, Stacie
Oringel, Joe

Criteria for Evaluating the Integrity of a Set of Data

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Level: Intermediate. This presentation will cover the criteria and professional standards applicable to services related to the criteria. It will discuss how the criteria and professional standards can contribute to improving data based decision making. Part of the session will be...
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Boritz, Efrim

Small Shop, Big Shoes: Redefining the Role of Internal Audit at the City of Brampton

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Foruzan Velji, Chief Audit Executive and Director of Internal Audit, will share insights on the realities of running a small audit shop with limited resources in a rapidly changing and thriving municipality. Having joined the City of Brampton in December...
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Velji, Foruzan

Innovation Panel

Sampson, Linda
Gupta, Arvind
DeRoche, Toby
Lee, Lisa